Meet Your Trainers

Jenn Glysson

London’s Mama, NASM Certified, FRC Certified, Pre/Post Natal Certified, 18 Years Experience, Division 1 Athlete.

They say that nothing in life is harder as a woman than being a mom. I think being a CONFIDENT mom is harder.  Just being a woman is  hard at times. Before I was a mother, time just seemed more available period. I had so much time! I was able to sleep in, I
was able to stay out late (I never did that though) , I was able to workout whenever I wanted, I was able to meet up with friends, go on dates, go on vacation… Whatever! Then I became a mom. Now let me just start with the fact that being a mom is THE BEST THING THAT
EVER HAPPENED TO ME. I am not just saying it either, it is. But that being said … it’s a struggle. From the moment you get pregnant you are tired, cranky, and feel, well, blah. Now you are not “Blah”, you are beautiful and special, but that is how a lot of women feel. I found that in order to fight through my “blah” moments, I had to find something that made me feel good, strong, and powerful. For me that was continuing to work out. Working out while I was pregnant was empowering. Not only was I giving myself more energy and confidence, I knew I was doing something great for my growing baby. I knew that my exercise routine would help me not only while I was pregnant, but during labor and with recovery after her birth. I was creating a strong body for the both of us, and it felt great. After being blessed enough to experience this journey, I felt it was important to share my experience with other mothers who need that extra boost. For ALL WOMEN , pregnant or not, we all need to stay active and fit!

Astrid Swan

Larrin’s Mother, NASM CPT, NASM CES, FRC Certified, Pre/Post Natal Certified, 15 Years Experience.

I am a personal trainer, a master group fitness trainer and a new mom! Working out is my therapy. No matter what, I know at the end of my workout, I feel better.   We created this program in real time during all three trimesters of my pregnancy because my doctor and I agreed the best thing for me to do was to keep working out.  This program is so special to me because it kept me strong both mentally and physically during the 9 months of pregnancy and it is also the program I did in reverse 6 weeks postpartum.  This program works and works for every woman. It can be done at home or in a gym, it can be done with regressions or all out- women are strong and we can help you get stronger!